Wrapping machines for packaging tyres and wheels

Reifenstretchmaschine TE 1000 R/a
TE 1000
Reifenverpackungsmaschine TE 1000 R/ta
TE 1200
Reifenstretchwickelmashine TE 1000 R/a

In the last few years we have evolved into a market leading supplier of packaging machines for tyres and wheels.

The wrapping method using stretch film is the most economical possibility to form dispatch units for parcel shipment. This is, especially for large dispatch quantities, one of the most significant aspects.

We have two standard machine sizes available: Wrapping ring size 1000 and 1200.

Our special machines are available for

product processing.

Download: prospect tyres, wheels and cardoard boxes [PDF - ca. 4.986 KB]