FEV, the Company

Fährenkämper Development and Marketing Company, FEV for short, was founded in 1998.

Emerging from the company founded in 1947 - Fährenkämper GmbH & Co. KG - we have taken our many years of experience and know-how originally developed for the floristry industry and put it to use in special purpose machinery manufacture and expanded it to incorporate further industrial sectors.

Our product range

Our main products are wrapping machines for wrapping, fixing and packaging the most varied products of different industries.

Manuelle Maschine für die unterschiedlichsten Produkte TE 400 B u. TE 600 B
Folienwechselposition bei der Stretchwickelmaschine TE 400 B und TE 600 B
Vollautomatische Wickelmaschine für die unterschiedlichsten Produkte TE 400 S
Automatischer Stretchwickler für runde Produkte  / TE 600

We have been able to defend our market position in the field of special machines as a reliable supplier of stretch wrapping machines. Due to our many years of experience in the development and production of wrappers, we are backed by a wealth of components tested in the market.

These components are used to quickly configure individual machine solutions meeting your application, be it a simple, manual or a fully automatic wrapping machine. In this context, please also refer to our machines configurator for long goods.

Our profession

Satisfied customers is the most important factor for us. Not only at the time of the machine purchase, but also many years after. To meet these claims, we consider it indispensable to unite all relevant task areas in our company:

  • Technical consultation and project management
  • Machine development
  • Control system development and programming
  • Machine production and final assembly
  • Delivery, start-up/commissioning and instruction
  • Dependable, fast service and spare parts supply